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If you haven't seen our November release, it was on Improving Your Backside Boardslides. It is worth checking out as it is often easier to start with a Backside (BS) Boardslide, then progress onto your Frontside (FS) Boardslides when confident. 

The below video is a shorter, free tutorial. Get the full length tutorial by joining our Tutorial Membership!

(Rider: Nev Lapwood/ Jordan Decker. Filming/Editor: Blake Dubler)

3 Tips For The Dopest FS Boardslides

There are 3 EASY steps to improving your Frontside (FS) Boardslides:

1) Counter Rotation

When performing your FS Boardslides, you are going to be sliding backwards. In order to see where you are going, and to stay balanced, you need to rotate your upper and lower body in the opposite direction

Notice below how the rider's upper body rotates downhill, while their lower body rotates uphill. This is counter rotation.

Gif of counter rotation on a box

When landing, make sure to unwind back to the beginning stance. If you counter rotate properly, you will unwind right on the landing and ride away clean and easy!

Gif of unwinding off a box

Practicing your counter rotation at home is a great way to help build stabilization in your muscles, and enhance your muscle memory. 

Try using the Jib Training Board and Balance Bar combination to practice your snowboard tricks at home. The benefit of training at home is so you can dial in your muscle memory for the trick safely, before risking life and limb on the metal rail on the mountain.

Practice snowboarding in your living room

How Can I Make My FS Boardslides Easier & More Stylish?

Simply put, getting your board at a 90 degree angle looks WAAAAY better. This is achieved by good core strength and correctly counter rotating during the trick. The more you counter rotate, the more you can tweak out the board slide!

Get 90 degrees on a box

  • Rotate lower body uphill, and upper body downhill.
  • Practice at home before hitting the slopes.
  • 90 degrees is the bees knees and adds steaze! 

2) Lean Downhill

As a basic rule of jibbing, you need to make sure that the base of your board is completely flat on top of the feature you're riding. This goes for boxes and down rails. Additionally, the weight of your entire body must be leaning at the same angle of the feature.

weight distribution on a box

Commonly, we see that many riders are leaning too far UPHILL, which causes their toe edge to slip out. It's critical to maintain this downhill leaning position if you want to remain on the rail, and keep your limbs intact! Below, you can see a rider who is leaning too far uphill, which causes his toe edge to slip out - Sketchy!

gif of leaning forward on a box

A Good Tip To Build Your Confidence!

Practice your FS Boardslides on flat boxes first. Hit these boxes over and over until you nail it every time! Once you know your angles and your muscle memory for the trick is dialled in, you can start moving to down rails and other more difficult features.


  • Board must be FLAT on top of the box or rail.
  • Lean at the same angle of the feature.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

3) Weight On Top

The final tip to making your FS Boardslides looking more steazy is to get your weight up ON TOP and CENTRED on the rail. This can be the most difficult part of the trick, so it's important that you do a lot of practicing off the hill before moving to the slopes. Getting your weight centred is what takes guts; YOU HAVE TO COMMIT!

Pro Tip - Coming in at a 20 degree angle will give you the best positioning to get up and on top of that rail.

approaching a rail

If your weight isn't centred directly over the rail, you're going to fall off to one side or the other. A good way of practicing is to jump onto the rail, and slide off the opposite side. This ensures that you're getting your body high enough to position your weight directly on top and centred.

Notice in the below photo, how this rider's weight is directly on top of the rail, while leaning downhill at the same angle as the rail.

Land flat on top of the rail

A lot of boarders will balance their weight on their front foot, but as long as your weight is directly centred and on top of the rail, you can position your board wherever your heart desires! 


  • On TOP and CENTRED.
  • Approach at 20 degrees.
  • Find YOUR most comfortable positioning.


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James Topp
The Snowboard Addiction Team

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