We Are Going To Be On Dragon's Den!

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Exciting times here at Snowboard Addiction HQ!

We are pleased to announce that we are going to be featuring on the new series of the Canadian Dragon's Den!

In the summer of this year, Nev headed out to Toronto, to be part of the new series of the Canadian Dragon's Den. We have heard from the Den (it's all very secretive), that Snowboard Addiction will feature on:

January 20th 2016 at 5:00PM Vancouver Time [PST] (8:00PM Toronto Time [EST]) on CBC Television).

Put this date in your diary, spray paint it on your mum's car or even tattoo the date on your girlfriend's lower back...Do whatever it takes to remember this date as it's set to be HUGE!!!

To keep up the suspense, you will have to wait until the show to find out the result (and because we signed some big legal contract telling us to say nada!)

Sessioning at the Den

Want to check out the snowboard training gear we pitched to the Dragon's?

Sessioning at the Den

Jake Adams
Snowboard Addiction 

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  • Well done on getting the deal! Did it all work out after the due diligence? Good pitch and all the success in the future!

    Sam on
  • Firstly, well done and I’m sure it will bring, if nothing else worldwide awareness from just getting on the show to pitch, so great kudos for SA!
    If it was funding you were seeking, did you consider crowd funding or even putting it out to your loyal fans, as I’m sure there would be keen investors as well as marketing, sales, designers, IT snowboard enthusiasts who’d love to get involved!
    Either way a great opportunity which I’m sure you’ll smash! Well done to Nev and the team, you deserve it! wish you all the luck and look forward to seeing the episode!!

    JKB on
  • Whatever they said, I’m sure you’ll still continue to grow. Looking forward to getting into the ‘Spirit’ of things this season…!

    Chris Needham on
  • As proud owner of possibly the very very 1st SA training board and balance board, and love to see fellow Kiwis taking on the world in a big way (from the UK too), way to go Fullas! Much success for the pitch and beyond!

    Heath on
  • Well Dude i’ve seen how much effort you and your peeps have put into SA whilst being a UK member over the last few years so i hope the Den gang said YES! no brainer right? Good Luck guys…

    Paul Ross on

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