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We get asked this a lot. Can kids use our training board?

OF COURSE they can!

Our buddy Gabe (7 years old) is using our Tramp Training Board and Balance Bar to practice for snowboarding. Why? So that when the season starts, he will be shredding like the best of them! 

How To Setup The Board For Adults

Our Tramp Training Board uses the traditional 4 hole binding system. This means you can even use your own snowboard bindings to train. As a comfy alternative to your own bindings, we sell Training Board Bindings, custom built for use with regular shoes.

 The stance width of our board ranges from:
23 1/2 inch range


 18 1/2 ince size you can customize your stance width to make training easy and comfortable!

How To Setup The Board For Children

To get a stance width that works for children, use 2 screws instead of 4. This will reduce the width to 15 inches and allow your kids to have endless, comfortable fun on the Training Board! We have seen kids as young as 5 years old, shred with these settings!

You will notice that Gabe is using his snowboard boots to train with. This is because it fills out the bindings more, and makes it far more comfortable.

Snowboarding Boots

 Additional Training Tips:

  • If you have small feet, then it's best to use a PUFFY shoe, so you fill out the bindings a bit more. 
  • Slim shoes work great for feet sizes US7 and above, but the puffy shoe is a comfier recommendation.


Puffy Shoe


Slim Shoe

Do You Want An Awesome Present For Your Kids?

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Jake Adams
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