How To Do Shifty 180's On A Tramp Board

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This is a free tutorial in our Tramp Board Training Series.

The Tramp Training Board training tutorial below introduces you to Shifty 180's. Learn how to do these on the trampoline, so you hit the snow STOMPING big, stylish, laaaaaaazy looking shifty 180's on the snow!

Shifty 180 Tips

Once you're all warmed up, strap into your board and start off with a couple of shifties, both front side (FS) and back side (BS). Shifty 180's are exactly how they sound. They are a combination of a shifty and a 180. Why would you want to learn this? Because it's an easy way to make a 180 look super stylish on the hill!


1. You're going to want to have on 180's and shifties on lock down. Make sure you can do FS and BS 180's really easily and shifties in both directions (FS & BS) before moving on to the next step.

(BS Shifty)

(FS Shifty)

2. Next your going to want to do some FS counter rotated 180's first (FS 180's are often considered easier than BS 180's). This is where your upper body and lower body spin at apposing directions throughout the spin to make that rotation happen:


3. Once you've got those FS counter rotated 180's down, try some stalled out 180's! This is where you leave your board straight for as long as possible. You then bring the board around at the very last second using counter rotation.

4. Now that you have learnt stalled out 180's, you're going to want to incorporate a BS shifty into that stalled out FS 180. How this works is when you stall out your 180, you push the board in the opposite direction your spinning and then you use your counter rotation to bring it back in the other direction to land:

(1. Shifty)

(2. Hold that s#$t until the VEEEEEERY last second before WHIPPING your board the rotation to land)

(3. Stomp it, remember how you did the shifty 180, practice over and over, then stomp it on the snow!)

Training Habit To Get Into So What You Learn in Training TRANSLATES straight to the slopes!

When tramp board training, imagine your actually snowboarding! Therefore, look in the particular direction you would be heading if you were on the snow and imagine you are riding into the jump as you prepare for each trick. When you perform your trick, look in the correct direction at the correct time. This will dramatically improve your tramp board tricks, but when you take these refined tricks to the snow, your habits of correctly looking in the right place at the right time, will already be locked down!

For more help with spins, flips, corks or grabs, make sure you check out our other videos via our Membership.

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