How To Ollie BIG On A Snowboard

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The Ollie is one of the most fundamental tricks to practice on a snowboard. It is used in every scenario of riding, from avoiding obstacles during free riding, to improving your park riding and overall style.

Starting out, you want to find a flat spot where you can practice the basic movements:

1. Put a little bit of pressure on the front foot (with bent knees to lower your centre of gravity)

2. Slide the board forward into a tail-press position

3. Snap the tail just as you reach the tail press position, jumping into the air using the flex of the board and the spring generated from your bent knees

4. Bring both of your legs up underneath your body and stabilize in the air

5. Stomp your landing with both feet equally absorbing the landing

6. Absorb your landing through soft knees, then ride away like you just don't care ;)

Once you have learned the basics movements of how to ollie on a snowboard, you can take it all over the mountain and use while popping through tree runs, jumping higher on side hits and kickers, jumping cleaner onto boxes and rails, jumping into and out of butters and jumping to avoid obstacles.

See the free video of "How to Ollie" below, or sign up to our Snowboard Tutorial Membership to view the full length tutorial in regular or goofy:

Additional Tips For Improvement

1. Challenge yourself and your friends by jumping over anything or anyone! A block of ice, a glove, a stick, a human or a snowboard!

2. If you can find a bamboo stick, you can play a game with your buddies to see who can jump the highest, this will improve your timing and your jumping abilities.

3. As said by the wise words of Kung Fu Masters, practice 10 000+ of them before you say you can ollie ;) 10 000+ ollies later, after practicing them in both regular and goofy, you will have the technique, the timing and the pop to handle anything you want to ollie!

4. If you don't have access to the mountain or some snow, or wish to practice your ollies at home, strap into your Training Board Bindings on your Tramp Training Board. Practicing on a trampoline or on your Balance Bar will improve your ollie ability and keep your muscle memory improving between snow seasons:

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