How To Strap In Standing Up

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When you first learn to snowboard, you may feel that it is easier to strap in sitting down. However, this technique has it's disadvantages because it takes a lot of time and energy to push yourself up from this position, and it gives you a wet butt!

Practicing the tips mentioned in this tutorial will have you strapping in standing up; saving you and your buddies time at the top of the mountain, while reducing your energy exertion just before you drop in!


Facing Downhill

- The most important thing to remember is that your board face exactly across the run.
- While facing downhill, lift your front foot and dig the heel edge of your board into the snow, creating a platform to stand on.
- When digging your heel in to create the platform, you want your board to be flat, with a slight angle towards your heel edge.
- From here, you should have a solid platform to lift your back foot and strap in.

Facing Uphill

- The most important thing to remember is that your board must face exactly across the run.
- Let the board slide downhill slightly, letting snow build up on the heel edge. This snow build up will provide a block to allow you to lift your back foot and strap it in.

General Tips

- If you are on strapping in on a steeper gradient, facing downhill is almost always easier than facing uphill. The reason for this, is that you can bang your heel edge into the snow until you have a solid and level shelf for your board. You can then lift your back foot without the board sliding out and strap in with no worries!
- If you lift your back foot and the board moves out of your shelf, bang your heel edge into the snow a little more until your board doesn't move.
- If you are having difficulty strapping in at the spot you selected, look around for a more mellow gradient nearby.
- Remember to strap in close enough to a slope steep enough to let you ride off without effort. There is nothing worse than strapping in on the flat and having to scooch until you get enough gradient to ride away.

Strap In 101

- When finding a spot to strap in, always check that you aren't blocking someone behind you who is almost strapped in and about to drop in!
- Make sure when you strap in, that you choose a spot that isn't blocking a main path or a spot that riders above you would not be able to see you (Eg: the backside of a roller, knuckle or jump).
- Persistence! This is worth practicing every time you strap in. Your arms, wrists and butt will thank you for it!

What are you hoping to stomp this year?

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