5 Tips To All The Snowboard Chicks

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Girls who snowboard are awesome - this free tutorial give 5 tips on how to improve your snowboarding as a girl.

Chick Tips


1. Ride with a group of friends

Instead of riding alone, find a group of your best friends who you like hanging out and riding with. Riding with them will make you feel comfortable, forget about everything else and focus on cruising on your snowboard. Have fun and push each other to become better, this is what snowboarding is about - having fun riding with your friends.

2. Confidence

Screw what other people think about you when you are on your snowboard. You are out to have a good time and no one is going to stop you. Build your confidence and go try something new. Riding the park is awesome, especially girls who can shred. Don't be scared to try it out, people will give you mad props for just trying - girls riding park are the sickest.

3. Bailing

Everyone falls, if you don't fall you are not pushing yourself hard enough and trying something new. Practice makes perfect, and bailing it a natural step towards success. So just go for it and try until you get it right.

4. Set Goals

Everybody is different and you need to set your own personal goals. Visualize what you want to accomplish on your snowboard and write it down. Break it down to details and make daily goals for when your are riding on the mountain. This is a powerful tool to explode your riding and improve your skills.

5. Have fun

Snowboarding is all about fun, so don't take it too serious. Grab your best friends, hit the mountain and go play around on your snowboards. Try out some of the small features in the park or hit those at your level. Forget about everything else and just focus on riding your snowboard for yourself.


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