How To 180 Into Boxes & Rails

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Pump up your snowboarding style on boxes and rails by jumping a 180 into them - this tutorial teaches you how to do it.

How to 180 Into Boxes and Rails



Once you can do the 50-50 on boxes and rails, you can style it up by jumping a 180 into the feature. Jumping a 180 means that you will be landing switch, so there are certain techniques you will have to learn first on boxes and rails:

  • 50-50
  • 180s
  • Switch 50-50

Rotation vs. Counter-rotation

There are two different approaches to jumping a 180 into a box or rail. You can either do it with rotation or counter-rotation.

  1. Rotation is when your upper and lower body rotate together in the same direction
  2. Counter-rotation is when your upper and lower body twist against each other in opposite directions

Doing jibbing tricks on your snowboard you will have to know how to do both of these techniques depending on the different tricks you want to do.


In spins with rotation on a snowboard, like a 180, you need to wind up before jumping, thereby loading your spin. It is natural that your body will keep on rotating throughout the trick - either sliding around on the box/rail or make you do a 180 off. This is completely fine, but try to land switch on the feature, slide all the way through before rotating a 180 off again.


If you want to stop your rotation on the box/rail, you need to use counter-rotation. With this approach you will be able to land on the box/rail and lock you body movements and ride out switch (also called 'to fakie')

  • Place your hands in front of you
  • Imagine you are holding on to something
  • Jump a 180 twisting your upper and lower body against each other

The most advanced trick you can do with 180's is to:

  • Jump a counter-rotated 180 into the box/rail
  • Stop the motion
  • Slide the feature in a switch 50-50
  • Jump out of the feature in the opposite direction of what you jumped into the box, again using counter-rotation.


  • Find a box or rail that matches your skill level and practice jumping 180's into the feature.
  • Practice both frontside, backside as well as switch 180's.
  • Learn how to do them with both rotation and counter-rotation - plus how to come out to fakie, as well as with a 180 out.

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