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How To Eurocarve On A Snowboard

Posted by Andrew Narkewicz on

Eurocarves are a fun way to style up your everyday toeside carves. This guide will quickly teach you how to Eurocarve.

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STEP 1 - Get Low

Before trying a eurocarve, you should be comfortable cruising around on both, your toe edge, and your heel edge.

  • On your Toe Edge, get as low as you can
  • Grab your heel edge with your front hand
  • Lean forward until you can't anymore

Riding low like this will get your body comfortable on the extreme point of your toe edge

STEP 2 - Learn the LayDown

The higher you are, the farther you will fall. On flat ground, 

  • Lay down flat from the position in Step 1
  • Flex your Abs, and keep your back straight
  • Keep your weight on your Toe Edge and your Forearms

This will teach your body how to transfer your weight more forward than you ever have.

STEP 3 - Go for it

This is a super weird motion.. but it's worth it. Combine steps 1 and 2 at speed, and after enough times getting snow in your jacket, you'll start stomping them.

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