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How To Grab With Style On A Snowboard

Posted by Andrew Narkewicz on

This video is part of the series - Tramp Board Basics. Practice your snowboarding off the snow, so you can be perfect on the snow.

Free tutorial: Grab with Style



When you have learned how to do straight airs with grabs on jumps you can move into adding even more style with shifties and boning.


The technique you learned to do Tail- and Nose-grabs, where you extend one leg and flex the other, can be moved into all the other grabs. 

  • Try any of the grabs you know and bone them out by extending one leg and flexing the other.
  • Practice this so you can do it with all the grabs.

Another rad way to add style to your grabs is to combine them with a Shifty.

  • Try to do either a Frontside or Backside shifty, tug in and throw in a grab.
  • Practice so your are able to add each grab to both of the shifties, although:
    • Mute and Stalefish works best with a Frontside Shifty, and
    • Melon and Indy works best with a Backside Shifty

To do the ultimate styling of your tricks, you combine everything - add both boning and shifties to your grabs.

Once you have learned the 6 traditional grabs and know how to bone them out and combine them with a shifty, you can start to learn the more un-traditional grabs. The most common of these grabs is the Method Grab, which is extremely popular throughout the world of snowboarding.

  • The Method Grab is a melon grab tweaked out behind your back, combined with a backside shifty.
  • The Japan Grab is a mute grab tweaked out behind you back. This is also a super stylish trick that will set you apart from other snowboarders.


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