How To Grab With Style On A Snowboard

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We already know that grabs make your straight airs look cool, but if you can tweak your grabs, you will definitely turn some heads and stand out on the mountain! In this tutorial, we're going to show you some easy ways to add heaps of style by tweaking your grabs.

(Narrating/Riders: Nev Lapwood)


Make sure you have these prerequisite techniques on lock and you'll be on your way to looking more stylish than ugg boots...

Leg Extension

In our blog on Basic Grabs, you learned about Nose and Tail grabs. These grabs taught you the technique of leg extension, or 'boning' a leg. This is where you extend your back leg and flex your front leg to get a stylish Nosegrab.

You can use this exact same technique for any grab. Give it a try yourself, start off with a couple of basic Melon grabs. Once your comfortable with that, try to extend out your front leg while flexing in your back leg. This will add style to a simple Melon.

Tweaked MelonNotice How Nev's Back Leg Is Tucked In With His Front Leg Extended


The second technique is to combine Shifties with your grabs. For example, try a couple basic Indy grabs untill it becomes easy. Then combine the Indy with a Backside Shifty.

Adding A Backside Shifty Turns A Boring Indy Into This Stylish Indy

Trick Tip: The ultimate way to style out your grabs is to combine both leg extension and Shifties at the same time with different grabs.

Putting It All Together


With the Stalefish grab, you can extend out your back leg while flexing in your front leg. Combine that with a Frontside Shifty and you get a very stylish looking Stalefish grab.

Tweaked Stalefish
Nicely Tweaked Stalefish


The Mute grab works great with a Frontside Shifty and extending out the back leg.

Frontside Shifty While Extending Out Back Leg


Adding a Backside Shifty to a Melon grab while poking out the front leg will turn a fairly simple trick into a pretty technical grab.

Tweaked Melon
Tweak That Melon


The Indy grab also works well with a Backside Shifty and poking out the front leg.

Turning The Most Basic Grab Into A Stylish Looking Trick

Nontraditional Grabs

There are a ton of grabs out there and once you’ve played around with adding style to the 4 basic grabs, you can then start to learn more of the nontraditional grabs.


The most famous grab in snowboarding is the Method and is a combination of a Melon grab tweaked up behind your back, along with a Backside Shifty. The more you tweak it out and the more Shifty you put into it, the cooler the trick is going to look!

This Will Be You Soon Enough 


The Japan grab uses your front hand on your toe edge like a Mute. However, for the Japan, reach your arm around your knee and tweak your board up behind your back. It’s a very different looking grab that will definitely make you stand out in the park. 

About As Stylish As You Can Get Without Spinning


This tutorial teaches you how to add style to your grabs to make them look rad when you're snowboarding. The two main techniques are to add leg extensions and combine it with Shifties to tweak it out!

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