How To Grab On A Snowboard

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Grabbing on a snowboard is a good way to improve your style, have stability and control in the air, and make your straight airs look a lot better. This tutorial we are going to teach you your first 6 grabs that every snowboarder should know.

(Narrating/Riders: Nev Lapwood & Dan Gerstner)


Jumping is an obvious prerequisite here, so check out our tutorial on How to Jump on a Snowboard.

    The Grabs

    There are 4 basic grabs in snowboarding - Indy, Mute, Melon, and Stalefish

    Indy: Grabbing your toe edge between your legs with your back hand

    Mute: Grabbing your toe edge between your legs with your front hand

    Melon: Grabbing your heel edge between your legs with your front hand


    Stalefish: Grabbing your heel edge between your legs with your back hand

    Trick Tip: The key to these four basics grabs is to pull up your legs under you. If you try to reach for the grabs with straight legs, you will never get the correct style or technique. Instead, focus on pulling your legs and snowboard to your upper body.

    Nose and Tail Grabs

    Once you’ve learned the four basic grabs, you can play around with the Nose Grab and Tail Grab. These grabs are a little more difficult as you need to use a new leg extension technique.

    Incorrect Way Vs. Correct Way
    Manipulate your legs to do these grabs properly.  


    Bring your front leg in and extend you back leg out and you’ll find that the nose of your board is well within reach.  

    Nose GrabGrabbing the nose of your board with your front hand.


    The Tail Grab is the exact opposite of the Nose Grab. Bring in your back leg and extend your front leg.  

    Tail Grab
    Grabbing the tail of your board with your back hand. 


      Take your training to the trampoline and practice your tricks over and over again. This will train your muscle memory and make you a better rider when you go to the mountain. 

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