Top 3 Problems When Learning How To Frontside 360 On A Snowboard

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How to Improve Your Frontside 360's on a Snowboard

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Backside 360's are lots of fun off of small jumps and big jumps. Stomping one is forsure one of the best feeling tricks on a snowboard. However, there are three main things that are stopping people from landing their 360's every time. 

  1. Bad Entry Path - An entry path is obviously a critical component to any trick in the park, as it sets up the momentum for the rest of trick. For a frontside 360, you want to time your carves so that when you're just at the lip of the jump and taking off, you're facing straight.  Sometimes what happens is riders will carve to far and end up already spinning some of the 360 and "scrubbing" off the lip of the jump. This problem will totally kill your momentum and air stability, not to mention you'll lose all of your speed.
  2. Over-Rotating the Spin - This problem is very common with frontside 360's. What happens is, riders will throw their 360, try and spot their landing and end up over-rotating their trick and reverting out. The simple fix to this is commitment. It's definitely scary not being to see your landing on a snowboard, but to fix this problem you will have to land your frontside 360's blind.
  3. Messy Spins - There are two classic problems that you will see that mess up spins. You'll see the people that wave their arms everywhere in the air, and the people that are super straight legged throughout the jump. Practicing off the snow will improve a riders style a bunch. A lot of the time, it helps people huge just getting used to the feeling of spinning. Go to a trampoline facility and literally spin hundreds of frontside 360s just to get used to the momentum. Next time you're on snow, it will be much, much better.

Essentially, a clean frontside 360 is an absolute staple to progression. It's tons of fun to do off of almost any feature on the mountain or in the park. Learn them and master them the correct way, and you will have a much easier time learning bigger tricks in the future.

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    To get this tutorial and access to all of our tutorials join the Snowboard Tutorial Membership.

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