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Nosepress & Tailpress 180 Out On A Snowboard.

Posted by Andrew Narkewicz on

This is the fourth edition of our intermediate jib tutorials, Balance Bar Intermediates: Practice your snowboarding off the snow, so you can be perfect on the snow.

Free tutorial: Nose & Tail Press 180 Out



    Congratulations, you can already do this!

    This tutorial is nothing new. If you've been following the series, you will already have learned the fundamentals of this trick in our Nosepress & Tailpress tutorial and our 50-50 180 out tutorials.

     4 Variations

    There are four variations all bundled up together in one short tutorial. We will go over how to combine your skills and nail the four following tricks.

    • A Nosepress, Frontside 180 Out
    • A Nosepress, Backside 180 Out
    • A Tailpress Frontside 180 Out
    • A Tailpress Backside 180 Out


      To practice. We recommend first practicing the techniques taught in the video on carpet. After you're comfortable with that move it to the balance bar. And finally, onto the mountain


      What trick are you hoping to stomp this year?


      View Balance Bar Intermediates: How to Tailpress & Nosepress 180 Out on a Snowboard


      Products Used

      In this tutorial we used our snowboard training board and balance bar. Click the links below to learn more, or purchase your own.

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