How To 270 Out Of Rails And Boxes

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Check out our newest tutorial and learn how to do 270 out of boxes and rails

Doing 270s out of features is a way to add difficulty and style to your jib tricks.
We cover the 2 most common ways to 270 out, the tail slide 270 and the front blunt 270.
If your a customer of our balance bar or training board then this tutorials shows you how to put that to good use!

This tutorial breaks down:

  1. How to understand the movement or 270s out
  2. Buttering 270s out on the snow
  3. Using a balance bar to build your muscle memory
  4. How to 270 out of basic jib features
  5. How to 270 out of street style features

You can watch the free section here:

View 270 Out - Regular - 270 Out - Goofy

Doing 270s out of boxes and rails is tricky at first but can add some really nice style to your jib tricks.  

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