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How To Do Miller Flips On A Snowboard

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Check Out Our Latest Snowboarding Tutorial on Miller Flips

This tutorial will teach you how to do Miller Flips. A Miller Flip is originally a skateboarding trick. It's a frontside handplant where you flip all the way around to fakie. In snowboarding a real miller flip is done in a quarter pipe however the trick has evolved and is now commonly known as an inverted frontside 360 while dragging or planting your front hand over a feature. You must be very comfortable with front 3s on all kinds of features!

    You can watch the free section:

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    This tutorial breaks down the steps that will help you when learning to do Miller Flips:

    • Motion
    • Feature
    • Warm Up
    • Mellow Attempts
    • Off Axis
    • Add Grab
    • Backside

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