De-Tuning Your Edges

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Whenever you get a brand new board, it's recommendable to de-tune the edges of tip and tail. Some boards come with the contact points already de-tuned, but I like to de-tune them a little bit more.

What does De-tuning of your edges mean?

When de-tuning you are rounding off sharp edge parts of a snowboard with a file, usually on points where the edge is useless. 

Why should you de-tune you edges?

The main point of de-tuning the edges of a snowboard is to avoid unexpected edge catches while riding, landing a jump or sliding on rails and boxes and other park or street style features. It gives the rider a smoother and more secure feeling and prevents you from some bad falls.

Where should you de-tune your board?

The parts of the edge you're de-tuning depend on your riding style, however you should always consider de-tuning the 4 contact points of your board. The contact points are the tip and tail edges of the widest part of your snowboard. If you only ride street rails or urban features then I'd detune your edges all the way around your board but don't do this if you want to ride at a resort.

What tools do you need for de-tuning?

We recommend to use a normal medium sized file, which can be found at any local snowboard or ski shop, or a hardware store.

If you want to learn how to tune and de-tune your snowboard edges, we highly recommend our Snowboard Training & Tuning tutorial which covers several videos including a step-by-step tuning instruction. It is also featured in our Freestyle and Learn to Snowboard programs.

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If you have any specific questions on de-tuning your board, please reply in the comments to this blog and we'll do our best to follow up with an answer.

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  • I ride a K2 Carveair, 154 cm, Ride insano boots (9/10 stiffness) and Now 2017 Drive bindings (9/10 stiffness). All I really do is ride fast and carve hard, eurocarving if the conditions are right. That being said, would you recommend I detune my edges?
    Thanks so much for your advice. :)

    Nate on
  • Can u still catch edges

    NIck on
  • Hello should i do any detuneing if i ride rails and half pipe?

    mike on

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