Snowboard Addiction Is Down Undah!

You heard us correctly, as of today, Snowboard Addiction has just opened it's newest warehouse in Sydney, Australia! 

We have had you snowboard addicts in the south, frothing at the mouth for years about getting our gear into Australia. The time has come! You can now get our snowboard training gear much cheaper and faster than ever before! Plus, the sun is warm and the beaches are beautiful, so why wouldn't we want to come join you!

Meanwhile In Australia

What Does This Mean For You Snowboard Addicts Living In Australia?

Bottom line, from now on, shipping will be incredibly cheap for all our Aussie customers. Let's take a look at this comparison real quick:

  • Prior to our Australia warehouse opening, our closest warehouse was in the USA = Minimum of $100.00 USD and up to 3 weeks delivery!
  • Our New Sydney Warehouse = Around $10 - $20 AUD and 1 - 7 days delivery!

And the way the exchange rates are at the moment, that is a lot of savings.

Do You Miss Snowboarding?

Before your withdrawal gets fierce, grab a training setup so you can train for snowboarding, wherever, whenever your addiction kicks in! Fair dinkum, you'd be a flamin' gallah if you don't check these beauties out now:

    1. Jib Training Board
    2. Tramp Training Board
    3. Training Board Bindings
    4. Balance Bar
To thank all you Aussie legends, we wanna' extend a high five your way with this special 5% coupon code that is valid store wide until the end of August:

  • Insert this coupon code at checkout: highfive
Cheers mate!
Snowboard Addiction

Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

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