New Tramp Board Graphic

New Tramp Board Graphic

Here at Snowboard Addiction, we are extremely stoked to announce the NEW graphic for the Tramp Training Board

New Tramp Graphic
We couldn't bear the thought of not progressing.

The Tramp Training Board is the best training tool in the world for off mountain jump trick training. Made with real snowboard materials, the Tramp Training Board is the closest thing to a real snowboard for the trampoline in terms of durability, stiffness and feel. This makes it perfect for learning snowboard grabs, spins, flips, corks and rodeos. 

Foam Base

Your normal snowboard has sharp edges around the perimeter, that can leave your trampoline looking like someone that tried to pick a fight with Wolverine. Because of this, we designed the Tramp Training Board to have no sharp edges. We also made it significantly smaller and lighter than a real snowboard, to launch you into the air.

Team this up with the Balance Bar and you can learn the basics of jibbing, while using less energy and keeping your house mates and family happy! Now you can train in the comfort of your own home, with your homies in the back yard or at your local tramp facility.

Like training on the tramp, but want to advance your Jib game? Check out our Jib Training Board to build confidence spinning, pressing and sliding on boxes and rails.

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