How To: Wrap Your Snowmobile

You are tired of waiting in line for a seat on the chair, riding cat track runs and hunting for tiny powder stashes, so you purchased yourself a brand new sled. Genius. Now that you have your braaap machine, you see 100 other people with the exact same sled. How do you make it different?

If you've never thought about wrapping your snow mobile, here are the top three reasons people wrap their machines:

  1. Looks Awesome
  2. Makes Your Sled Unique 
  3. Serves as a great advertisement

Looks Awesome

So you're sick of seeing the same sled, in the same colour as you, everywhere you go. Wrapping your sled lets you put whatever you'd like on to it. You can be as simple or as crazy as you'd like. 

Sled Wrap GalaxyGalaxy Sled Wrap from Toyskinz

Your design can be temporary or permanent because wraps are easily removable. Perfect if you're looking to sell or if you get bored of the design.

Super Cost Effective

If modifying the colour is what you're after, wrapping your sled will always be a better choice than painting or ordering a new body. Wrapping your sled can cost as little as $300, and it only takes an hour or 2 to install. Cheap and fast, what's not to love!

Sled Wrap GEO From Toyskinz

Sled Wrap GEO From Toyskinz

When it's time to sell your sled, just take the wrap off to reveal the perfect untouched factory coat underneath. By keeping your sled mint, you're increasing your re-sale value. Learning how to paint a sled takes lots of experience and equipment. Alternatively with a little YouTube education, you can wrap your sled yourself.

Sled Wrap Paintball from Toyskinz
Sled Wrap Paintball From Toyskinz

Serves As A Great Advertisement

If you own a business that has to do with Wintersports or closly related, you should definitely wrap your sled. Your target customer is much more likely to notice your company when they see your sled ripping off massive cliff drops, doing some sweet side hills, or wheelieing like a boss. Definitely more than when you send them that cheesy generic Christmas newsletter to their inbox. 

Snowboard Addiction Sled Spin
Don't Stare Too Long, You Might Get Sick.

OK, I Bought A Sled. Is It Road Legal?

Now that you have your sled, get an awesome wrap from Toyskins. Unfortunately snowmobiling on the road is not legal, so you'll have to get your sled into the backcountry somehow. The best way to get your sled around is by using a sled deck, more specifically, the Truck Boss Sled Deck.  

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