Kalissa Rips On A Tramp Board!

Check out Kalissa, absolutely tearing apart the tramp with her Snowboard Addiction Tramp Training Board.

Learn to throw spins, flips, corks and grabs on the tramp, so the next time you ride your snowboard, you're stomping tricks that you never thought possible!

Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy

A big shout out to Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy. The whole team that work at Whistler Bounce are super talented, knowledgeable and friendly. They are pro's at improving snowboarders air awareness, air confidence and trick repertoire! If you visit Whistler, check them out. They have a full range of our indestructible tramp boards, so you can rip just like Kalissa!

Get Your Own Gear!

In this video, Kali uses our snowboard, Training Board Bindings and Balance Bar. Click the links below to learn more, or purchase your own so you can train your snowboarding all year round!

Free shipping in the USA and Canada, Cheap shipping in Europe

Enter our 2015 Shred Contest

We are running a shred contest until the end of September! A free membership is up for grabs to anyone who enters. A grand prize of a training board, bindings and balance bar OR a Snowboard Addiction Special Edition Snowboard is up for grabs! 
    ​The Snowboard Addiction Team
    Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding!

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