The Brand New Jib Training Board

The Brand New Jib Training Board

We've all been there, standing at the top of the park, watching shredders jib with such style and ease. You see a feature to hit and think to yourself, "I can do that, no sweat!" You crawl up to the party box and BOOM! Face plant directly on top of the box and now you're out 3 teeth and $24,000 in dental bills!

Well, we've got your pearly whites covered, and it's not with our new Snowboard Addiction dental insurance. Introducing our brand new Jib Training Board!

(Narrating: Saxon Farnworth. Film/Editing: Adison MacDonald)

It's Simple. We Make High Quality, Durable And Fun Training Boards To Improve Your Snowboarding Year Round!

The Jib Training Board is the best training tool in the world for off mountain box or rail training. Made with real snowboard materials, the Jib Training Board is the closest thing to a real snowboard in terms of durability and stiffness. This makes it perfect for jibbing boxes and rails. Additionally, we made the board with a P-tex base, giving the training board a more realistic feel; so that the jibs you practice in training, transfer straight to the mountain.

Jib Training Board Bottom view

Don't Trash Your Home

Your normal snowboard has sharp edges around the perimeter that can leave your living room looking like a scene out of a Michael Bay film. Because of this, we designed the Jib Training Board to have no sharp edges, and made it significantly smaller and lighter than a real snowboard. This way, you can train using less energy, you can train for longer and you keep your house mates and family happy!

Break Your House

Jib At Home, In the Park, With Friends - Wherever, Whenever You Need A Fix!

When coupled with the balance bar, you can train for snowboarding anywhere and anytime your snowboard addiction kicks in. Train in the comfort of your own home, by the lake, with your homies in the back yard. Train all year for snowboarding.

Train Outside

Like Jibbing, but want to get your flip on? Check out our Tramp Training Board to build confidence spinning, flipping and grabbing in the air.

May 17th 2016 - For the next 72 HOURS ONLY - Grab our brand new Jib Training Board for 10% off! Copy and paste the code sadd148 at checkout and knock your snowboarding out of the park!

Visit us here to check the new board out.

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