Rotation VS Counter-Rotation

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Free tutorial: Rotation VS Counter-Rotation.


Grinding on a Snowboard

When it comes to grinding or sliding on a snowboard, there are three ways to enter a box, rail or other feature in the park. The first option is no rotation and entering straight onto the rail, however this only really applies to a 50-50. When you execute any trick on a snowboard, you either rotate or counter-rotate your body throughout the trick. If you're struggling to figure out why you're not landing every spin or slide, it may be because you're not rotating your body correctly.

    Rotation VS Counter-Rotation

    Rotation on a snowboard is when you rotate your upper body and lower body the same direction throughout a trick. Tricks that would use this technique are:

    • Spinning off of a jump
    • Rail tricks, where you will be exiting the feature regular.

    Counter-Rotation is when you rotate your upper body and lower body different directions throughout a trick. This technique is mainly used for:

    • Rail Tricks, where you will be exiting the feature fakie.

    Even if this wasn't the exact reason you weren't landing every trick, it's definitely a key concept to know and will help your riding now, and in the future.

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