How To Snowboard In Trees And Gladed Runs

Riding tree runs can be some of the best runs on any mountain. They get less traffic than other areas of a resort and as a result they’re usually a good place to find powder. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of riding tree runs (glades).

The skills you need are a combination of the ability to ride bumps and powder. I’d highly recommend staying out of trees until you’ve had the chance to explore those areas of shredding.

 Riding Trees

1. If the snow is deep in the trees, you will want to ride in more of a straight line so that you can keep your speed and momentum. Initiate light turns by leaning toe side to heel side. It is important not turn heavy on your edges. If you do your board will drop into the powder and you will bail.

Riding Trees

2. If you are riding faster than you are comfortable with, hammer your body weight into your tail, combined with a little counter rotation for a nice big frontside slash. This technique is relatively easy in tight locations. By doing a slash you will lose some speed, but you will be able to maintain your overall momentum. They also look and feel cool. Try it out on your heel side as well as toe side edge. 


It's important to change in either direction when needed, in the trees.

3Don't turn fully sideways and stop when it's deep. If you turn fully sideways in powder, the snow will grab your board and stop all of your momentum. This will result in getting stuck, which sucks. We don't recommend it. 



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