Tips By Chicks - How To Do A Backside Boardslide

Natalie Sagar is back with her world famous "Tips By Chicks". This time, she is going to teach you how to do a Backside Boardslide!

She has broken down this fun trick into a 2 part mini-series for your viewing pleasure. This is Part 1 - The Approach.

 (Narrating: Natalie Sagar, Rider: Natalie Sagar, Filming/Editing: Adison Macdonald)

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What Is A Boardslide?

A boardslide is when your board turns 90˚ sideways on the feature. You can do backside and frontside boardslides, both of which require you to turn your board sideways on the feature. In this tutorial and blog, we are focussing solely on the backside boardslide (your back faces up the hill, your front faces down the hill).

Board Turning 90˚ on the feature.

Step 1 - Where To Learn

When you are learning how to do a BS boardslide, you are going to want to learn it on a ride on box to begin with. A ride on box is a simple box that doesn't require you to pop onto it, awesome for learning any new jibbing tricks on.

Ride On Box

A Ride On Box

A Box You Have To Pop Onto

Pop Onto The Box

Step 2 - A Nice Flat Base

When you're approaching the ride on box, you want your snowboard to be nice and flat on the snow. You do not want to be on an edge. If you're on an edge, you're board will slide out from under you as soon as you ride onto the box.

Always Remember when hitting boxes or rails: FLAT BASE = Happy Days!

Nice Flat Base

By keeping your snowboard nice and flat on the snow as you approach, you will find your balance and board position is more predictable.

Step 3 - Body Position 

When it comes to your body position, you want your weight centred over the middle of your snowboard. This will keep you balanced and stable on top of the box.

Centerd Over The Middle Of The Box

The best way to keep your weight centred over your snowboard is to have your shoulders lined up parallel. Imagine you have an exercise ball between your legs (a slight bend in your knees, with your knees pushed to the tips of your board). 

Froggy Legs

Step 4 - Our Good Friend... Speed 

Use your judgement on how much speed you will need to successfully hit the box. Too much speed and you're going to look too busy with your trick, which doesn't look stylish. Too little speed and your board is likely to grip the box and you could get stuck.

Too Much Speed 

Boardsliding Too FastNot Enough Speed

Too Slow You'll Get Stuck On The BoxStep 5 - Counter Rotation

To get your snowboard into a 90˚ position on the box, you are going to need to use the technique of counter rotation. When on the box, think about twisting your shoulders in the opposite direction to the box. 

Counter Rotation

This counter rotated position is going to help you on top of the box with your balance, as well as popping off the end to stomp your landing! 

Popping Off The End.
Practicing Off The Snow 

You can practice this technique off the snow, with our brand spanking new Jib Training Board - it will be released shortly!!! 

Practice getting your upper and lower body twisting against each other by jumping on and off the Balance Bar.

Counter Rotation On The Balance Bar
Practicing at home will instil the correct muscle memory, so once you hit the hill, you'll be boardsliding with ease!

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