Intermediate Riding Program

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What's included:

  • The perfect follow-on to the Learn To Ride Program
  • Takes you from riding groomers to riding the whole mountain!
  • Stream/watch the tutorials on any device (phone, computer, tablet etc)
  • Download to your computer & sync to a mobile device for offline viewing
  • Purchase program in either regular or goofy

This product is not on DVD, it is available via downloads or streaming video only.


Snowboard Intermediate Riding Program Overview:




The intermediate riding content is completely different to anything we’ve made before. It's designed to bridge the gap between our Learn To Ride program and our Freestyle tutorials.

The videos cover:

    Improve Your Riding: (12 minutes)

    This video covers a few issues that happen to intermediate snowboarders, how to spot them and what you can do to fix them. This tutorial is mostly related to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you'll snowboard a hell of a lot better and you're gonna feel more comfortable jumping, riding the park and hitting all types of features.

    • Filming Your Riding
    • Ideal Turns (Advanced Sliding Turns)
    • Straight Legs Fixes
    • Counter Rotation Fixes
    • Un-centered Hips Position Fixes

    Experimenting With Stance: (4 minutes)

    This video is designed to help intermediate riders become more comfortable on their snowboard. Most snowboarders get way to comfortable in one riding position. This usually happens because they learn without instruction. This video will teach you how to fix your bad habits.

    • Learn proper edge control
    • Become much more balanced in various positions
    • Correct your bad habits

    Riding Bumpy Terrain: (9 minutes)

    This video covers riding bumpy terrain and moguls. Most snowboarders don't look for or enjoy riding bumpy terrain. However, often when you're trying to get somewhere you come across some pretty variable stuff. There's no point in side slipping it, this video will make you feel comfortable shredding it like nothing happened.

    • How to navigate through bumps
    • Body position when riding bumpy terrain
    • Agressive mogul tactics
    • Progression strategy including your first bumpy terrain ride

    Riding Trees: (7 minutes)

    Riding trees can be some of the best runs on any mountain. They get less traffic than other areas and are thus a great place to find powder. The skills needed are a combination of the ability to ride bumps and powder. It is recommended to learn both of those skills before entering into treed areas.

    • Navigating turns in treed areas
    • Riding trees 
    • Bumpy terrain & powder preparation for treed riding

    Switch Riding: (9 minutes)

    Switch riding is an extremely important part of snowboarding especially when you start jumping, buttering and jibbing. This tutorial gives you simple exercises to help learn and develop your switch riding. As you get better, you're gonna wish, you’d practiced more switch earlier.

    • Boob Turns
    • Leaning Downhill
    • Spin 360s
    • Elimination counter rotation

    Carving: (9 minutes)

    This video teaches you how to turn your snowboard using only the edge shape (sidecut) of your board leaving a clean line in the snow. The skill of carving is useful for riding pipe, in the set-up for spinning jumps and to control your snowboard at high speeds.

    • How to balance your weight over the edge of your snowboard
    • How to engage your edge for carved turns
    • How to roll from edge to edge
    • How to learn your first carve turns
    • How to carve on steeper runs
    • How to use carving in your freestyle riding for pipe and jump setups

    Riding Powder: (10 minutes)

    Riding in deep snow, powder, is one of the sickest/funnest things you can do on a snowboard! This video will teach you how to do just that. It covers 10 minutes of the basics from learning how to snowboard in fresh powder. We go over:

    1. Setup,
    2. Stance,
    3. Types of boards,
    4. Speed,
    5. Turning,
    6. How to make rad pow slashes,
    7. Stomping deep powder landings
    8. And other cool snowboard tricks.

    This video has lots of epic powder moments and will get you stoked.

    Backcountry Safety: (10 minutes)

    This video covers a few of the basics of what you need to know and tools you will use in the backcountry:

    • Aspects you need to be aware of
    • Methods of entering the backcountry
    • Equipment you'll need and what it does
    • How to determine how dangerous the conditions are
    • Where to find more info

    Intermediate Riding Basics: (13 minutes)

    In this video we cover aspects from fine-tuning your stance to falling safely, the topics discussed in this vid will help you to ride the entire mountain.

    • Dialing Your Stance & Body Alignment
    • Learning To Fall
    • Leaving The Groomers: Bumps, Steeps, Powder, Trees
    • Riding Switch

    Intermediate Riding Challenge: (15 minutes)

    In this video we give you some tips on how to push your riding by improving your board control - jumping, slashing, buttering and spinning all over the mountain!

    • Jumping
    • Popping, Ollies, Nollies & Popping Switch
    • Slashes
    • Euro-Carves & Laybacks
    • Beginning Rotation
    • Butters
    • The Game Of S.N.O.W.

    Riding by: Nev Lapwood, Jesse Millen, Chris Hargrave & The Junkie
    Locations: Northstar at Tahoe & Whistler Blackcomb





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