Do You Want To Work For A Snowboard Company?

Winter 2015/2016


We are looking for experienced filmer/editors to make our snowboard tutorials & training videos.
We have casual work available NOW with the possibility of a full time position over winter.


Have you ever wanted to work for a Snowboard Company? Have you ever wanted to spend a winter season in Whistler, BC snowboarding? - This is your chance!

Snowboard Addiction is looking for interns to work with us over the winter season in Whistler, Canada for 4-6 months, 20-40 hours per week for the following:

  • Filming/Editing
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design/Web Design
  • Snowboard Coaching

Read this blog to see a first hand perspective of what it's like to be an intern (click here)

Internships are only available any time of the year. We ideally want people to work and snowboard with us, but remote work is considered but not preferred.

You will learn to practically apply skills, snowboard HEAPS and gain immense knowledge and experience of how a small snowboard company works. We will also throw a strong reference towards your resume.

Details of the Internship:

- Internships are unpaid (but can lead to future employment after the completion of your internship if a position is avaialble)
- You will need a working visa to intern if coming from abroad (these are relatively easy to get)
- 20-40 hours per week
- 4 - 6 months anytime of the year
- If applying for filming/editing them please include samples of previous work
- You must arrange your own visa/housing/snowboard pass (although we do get a special industry discount on the mountain pass)

You must answer the following questions in your cover letter:

1. Why are you right person for this internship?
2. How you are going to improve Snowboard Addiction with your skills?
3. What dates are you looking to intern?
4. Are you going to be comfortable, interning 20-40 hours a week + snowboarding/socializing + (we prefer candidates who do not work elsewhere during their internship with us)?
5. What do you want to learn with us? What do YOU want to get out of the internship?

You must email with a cover letter (and answers to the above questions) + resume + samples or links to previous work (if available)