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Streaming/Download instructions & Troubleshooting:

Click here for instructions to stream or download your purchase.

Can I download using a Download Manager?

Sorry, No! - We have had a number of people trying to use a download manager and because our videos are in HD format (large downloads) it does not work. We recommend downloading one at a time to ensure you get it.

General Snowboard Questions:

If you have a general snowboard question, email and we'll answer it for everyone on our blog.

Snowboard Tutorial Membership Questions:

Where is the old website & subscribers area?

In 2013 we moved to a totally new website. We were having a lot of problems with our old system and the best decision was for us to start over with a fresh site. You will have to make a new password for your account, however the good news is you can now stream or download our videos so they'll work on any device including phones, tablets or computers. Our subscription program is now called the "Snowboard Tutorial Membership." It costs $59/year (less than $5/month), and gives you access to all old and new SA tutorials.
Click here to see Setup instructions for previous subscribers

Do I need to have a credit card to join the Snowboard Tutorial Membership?

Yes. Or you could borrow one from a family member or friend.
We do not except Paypal for the membership payments due to issues with Paypal beyond our control.

Is the membership available in other languages?

No sorry. Our translators have had trouble keeping up with the ever expanding English content. We are looking to add changeable subtitles soon but for the meantime it's English only sorry.

How long do I have access to the videos in the Membership?

As long as you have an active membership, you will have access to all the videos. When your payment is cancelled or expired, your access is automatically removed.

How to I cancel my membership?"

Login to your account click "Manage My Membership" then click "cancel"

Purchases Questions:

Do you ship internationally, how much does it cost?

Yes we ship all our physical products to any country from our office here in Whistler, BC, Canada. Our website will calculate the shipping cost for you in the checkout before you have to enter your payment details. Shipping to the USA and Canada is generally fast and affordable. Shipping to many other countries and be very expensive and slow. It's not us. Sorry.

Can I purchase without a credit card?

Yes you can use paypal, which will link with many bank accounts, however to purchase the "Snowboard Tutorial Membership" you will need to have a credit card as it will charge you $59/year.

My credit card/Paypal is not working for purchases?

We've had some similar issues to this in the past:

  1. Some people who had maxed-out credit cards could not order
  2. Some credit cards are not allowed to be used on a Canadian website without authorization
  3. Some Paypal accounts in foreign countries did not work

Please try to purchase with a different credit card or Paypal account.

Why do your tutorials cost so much?

High quality tutorials take a lot of time, money & energy to make. That is why there are almost no high quality snowboard tutorials available on Youtube! We have a lot of people employed behind the scenes that help us create the worlds best snowboard tutorials and sell them to the people who want them.

Why don't you give your tutorials away for free?

We really wish we could give all our tutorials away for free but unfortunately it's extremely hard to get any money out of sponsors. We get free gear from our sponsors but hardly any money to help cover our production and admin costs. Without this income from the tutorials SA would be forced to close. This is also why we hate to see our content on torrent sites because we get no income to produce more awesome tutorials for you guys.

Help us to remove our tutorials from Torrent Sites?

Each year we discover more of our content appearing on torrent sites. We are a very small business that survives on an income from our tutorials. We love to snowboard and produce the world's best snowboard tutorials but without an income to pay for the production of this tutorials we wouldn't be in business any more. We are aware that some of our older stuff has been made available by customers on the pirate bay but a lot of that is for 4-5 years ago and content we don't actually sell any more. Our newer stuff is better quality and has better instruction. If you could help us by letting us know of any torrent content we would very much appreciate that. Please email with any details you discover on torrent sites.

How do I get a discount code or coupon?

Join our newsletter on our homepage for discounts and sales

Where do I enter a discount code, I can't find it while checking out?

The discount coupon box is on the very last page as you check out.
Continue to proceed through the checkout and you'll see it.

Why doesn't my discount code work?

Discount code can't be applied to Monthly Tutorial Program or the Balance Bar sorry!

What is the 120% Money Back Guarantee?

If you don’t learn anything that dramatically improves your riding, we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price and an extra 20% for trying the program out.

How can I get a refund?

To quality for your "120% Money Back Guarantee" just write us a short email to explaining why you're not satisfied and we'll process your refund as quickly as possible.

Presents - Can I give a video tutorial or program as a gift?

Yes - We have a gift card as a product that you can purchase

Why can't I purchase both riding stances - Regular and Goofy?

Our tutorials can only be purchase in one stance.
If you would like to buy both versions email us and we will offer you a 50% discount on the second stance purchase. 

Can't find the video tutorial in my language?

We have a most videos translated but not all the videos are translated.
There are more videos available in English so if you can understand them, we'd recommend purchasing those.

I purchased the program in English can I get the translated version as well?

For each translated version of our programs we have to pay a commission to either the translator or to download so unfortunately we cannot give you the translated videos for free.

Can you send me FREE stickers?

We get a lot of requests for stickers. The good news is we have added sticker packs to our shopping cart.

Account Questions:

Can't reset my password?

On the login page click - Forgot your password. We will send you an email to reset your password

Can't reset my email address?

Please send us an email with the new email address you wish to use for the account

Product/Video/Download Content:

Do you sell DVDs?

No, unfortunately we no longer sell DVDs. They have become old technology very quickly. The majority of our customers preferred to buy the streaming and downloadable tutorials and it became inefficient for us to produce DVDs. 

What format are your downloadable videos?

All the videos are .mp4 with a HD resolution of 720p
All our videos will stream on a high speed connection or you can download them. They will play using iTunes, Quicktime player, VLC or other various media players.

Why are all your videos not available in my language?

Many of our videos are translated however sometimes our translators are busy and have trouble keeping up. Sorry. If a certain video does not appear available in your language it's because it hasn't been translated yet.

Will the videos work on my phone/MP3 player?

Probably. The videos are in a very common format that works on iPhones, iPods, iPads Androids, Windows computers, Mac, and most other platforms.

Camps & Private Coaching:

Do you have and camps coming up?

No, we have decided to focus on creating the best tutorials however Nev's friends here in Whistler recently started a summer snowboard camp that he personally recommends.
Click here for more info. 

Can I get a private coaching session for myself/friends/family?

Yes, although it's quite expensive as we are very busy in winter producing tutorials and having fun snowboarding! We are available to travel to any location in the world and our day rate is US $600/day for a private coach. Email

Other Questions:

Can you help me get sponsored?

Yes. Nev Lapwood is a professional snowboarder and can help you become one too. There is a section in the "Snowboard Training & Tuning" product called the "How to get sponsored manual." We also offer private phone/webcam coaching session for you to speak directly with Nev and pick his brains for how to get good photos, where to be, who to meet and how to get it all done.

Shipping Questions:

Why is Balance Bar international shipping so much?

We are sorry the shipping costs are high. The product gets shipped from California US. To keep things simple we only use USPS services. We cannot send this by any other way.