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New tutorial: 180 in 180 out Butter

Check out our latest snowboarding tutorial on buttering

180 Switch Tail Butter 180 Out

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New tutorial: How to do Tail Butter 180 out

Check out our new snowboarding tutorial on buttering. This is an introductory buttering trick, the tail butter 180. 


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Sick Backflip with Nev wearing SnowPulse avalanche backpack

Backflip in Powder!

Check out Nev's latest move while riding pow at Whistler Blackcomb wearing the latest SNOW PULSE avalanche backpack.

Backflip in Powder Snowboarding

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Balance Bar review at SIA with Nev demonstrating

TV8 interview Aratik's Matt Piercey about the Balance Bar trainer at SIA while Nev demonstrates it's uses for improving your muscle memory.

Balance Bar Training Tool for Snowboarding

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Snowpulse Avalanche protection backpack review

More and more snowboarders are riding in the backcountry to discover pristine powder snow with the success of spiltboarding, but you should never forget the dangers of avalanches.

Snow Pulse Backpack product review

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How to warm up for a day's snowboarding

First day back on the slopes...

We have teamed up with JP FOK of FOK Fitness to create you this challenging warmup. You might not achieve all of them at the first try but that doesn't matter as this is about getting you ready for the day and will only take you 10 minutes!

On hill warm up training for snowboarding

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