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New tutorial - learn to ride switch

When you first learn to snowboard you generally ride in one direction until you’re relatively confident. At this point you start doing jumps, learning to butter and entering the terrain park which is when you realize: "OH, I need to learn how to ride switch!"

Learn how to ride swtich

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Snowboard Addiction coach Dean Bercovitch destroying on the training board

Dean Bercovitch is the head coach out out Bounce and the newest member to the team of Snowboard Addiction coaches. This video of him on the tramp board is pretty dam impressive. 

Snowboard Training Board Edit

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New tutorial - how to 270 into rails and boxes

270s on are advanced tricks so you should already be very confident with a large variety of jibbing tricks before learning these. If you're a customer of our balance bar or training board then this tutorials shows you how to put that to good use!

How to 270 into rails and boxes

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New tutorial - how to 270 out of rails and boxes

Latest tutorial on how to 270 out of jibs. Doing 270s out of boxes and rails is a way to add difficulty and style to your tricks.

270s out of rails and boxes

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Trampoline training board to learn new snowboard tricks

Want to learn new tricks safely?

We have been working hard over the last few months to design and manufacture a Training Board.

New Snowboard Addiction Training Board

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How to do Caballerial Snowboard Trick

Latest tutorial on how to do cab tricks. The caballerial is a skateboarding trick. It's a fakie 360 ollie and became famous by the pro skater Steve Caballero.

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Intern explodes his riding!

I've had an awesome 6 month's Marketing Internship at Snowboard Addiction during my season in Whistler Canada. I've met a lot of cool inspiring people and exploded my riding further than I thought possible in this time. So I'll try to give other potential intern's an idea on how awesome my Winter 2013/14 season was.



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