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How to do Miller Flips on a snowboard

Check out our latest snowboarding tutorial on Miller FlipsA Miller Flip is originally a skateboarding trick. It's a frontside handplant where you flip all the way around to fakie.

How to do Miller Flips on a snowboard - Snowboard Addiction

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Snowboarder explodes his riding

This is Jeremy.  Jeremy has been snowboarding for the past 17 years.  5 years ago he found out about Snowboard Addiction and has been using our Freestyle Programs to take his riding to a whole new level.  He has been a long-time customer and become a good friend of the Snowboard Addiction team.
Below is a video of Jeremy showing you the progression he has made since starting freestyle snowboarding 5 years ago.  We are extremely proud of how far Jeremy has progressed by using our Freestyle Programs.  Check it out!



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Revelstoke Backcountry Edit

We went in search of some deep, deep powder.  This is where we ended up!

Backcountry riding in Revelstoke

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Stoked to be shredding Revelstoke

Have you been to Revelstoke yet?
We were lucky to catch one of the biggest storms of the season so far resulting in leg-burning deep pow this morning. 

Shredding Revelstoke BC Canada

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How to carve on a snowboard

Check out our latest snowboarding tutorial on carving. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to carve. Carving refers to turning your snowboard using only the edge shape (sidecut) of your board. The skill of carving is useful for riding pipe and in the set-up for spinning jumps.

How to carve on a snowboard

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Backcountry snowboarding by snowmobile aka sledding

I get a lot of people asking me about backcountry snowboarding, where and how to do it how to get into etc. This article should answer a bunch of questions covering backcountry snowboarding via snowmobile aka sledding.

Nev Lapwood Nev Lapwood
Rider: Nev Lapwood
Photos: Todd Easterbrook

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Boxing Week Sale on Snowboard Video Tutorials

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  • 27 December, 2013

    2013/14 Blow out Sale on Learning Snowboard Tricks!

    Snowboard video tutorial sale for 2013/14So it's the end of another Holiday Season - sitting around watching TV and now you're in the need for some action at your local hill/mountain?

    We are having a clear-out sale of our own on all video tutorials to get you jumping 180s, 360s, buttering like pro or just jibbing around in the park with style.

    To get the 20% discount just enter sadd287 on the last page of checkout.

    At the end of this month we are also releasing a new video on Carving. You can get this by joining our Monthly Tutorial Program.


    Happy New Year from all at SnowboardAddiction Crew