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How to spin backside 180s, 360s, 540s & 720s on large jumps

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  • 01 November, 2013

Check out our latest snowboarding tutorial on backside spinning. This tutorial is appropriate for snowboarders who have 180s & 360s dialed on small park jumps but want to bring these spins to bigger features as well as learn how to spin 5’s and 7’s. We cover 180s, 360s, 540s and 720s all in the backside direction.

New Tutorial on backside spinning on a snowboard

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How do I prevent rust on my snowboard edges?

Tuning and storing your board right is more important than many snowboarders might think, today's blog topic is about rust on snowboard edges and how to prevent it.

Questions asked by our customer:

"Lately I noticed some rust on my snowboard blades.
 Should I be worried about it?
 Should I remove it before I go to a ski station? How?"

Snowboard Tuning Teaser Video


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Do you use a case for your phone while snowboarding?

Disclosure: Otterbox recently contacted me via email asking if I'd review an iPhone case for them. I got this product for free however this is my honest opinion. This post is my review of the Otterbox Armor Series iPhone case.
Otterbox Armour Series for iPhone 4

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Are you ready for the Winter season?

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  • 25 October, 2013

The season's about to start and it's not much longer until lifts are opening.
Check out this video that our friend Sam made for us!

Snowboard Addiction Video created by a fan

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New product - Buttering Tricks

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  • 22 October, 2013

We have just launched our latest product on Buttering Tricks!

This product includes 4 rad Butter Tricks that build on our Buttery stuff section. These tutorials are some of the best videos we've ever made. Highly recommended by our head coach Nev Lapwood.

Buttering Tricks tutorial

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Protective Gear for Snowboarding

 “I have a question for you, as professional snowboarders, do you have any suggestions for purchasing protective gear for doing park features? I mean for knee, chest, elbow, wrist, etc. Because there are tons of products out there and am having a difficulty of making my choices. I want to know, you as the most experienced person, what are your preferences and choices.”
Protective Snowboard Gear

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Worlds most detailed Board Tuning Tutorial

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  • 16 October, 2013

Getting your snowboard ready for the season

Winter is almost here! It's cold today in Whistler and the mountain is gonna be opening up real soon. Now it's time to get your stick tuned up for the season.

snowboard tuning tutorial

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